Heart Giving

One week ago, I celebrated 25 years with sausage, pancakes and waffles in the company of this vivacious and rowdy crew at my favorite breakfast joint …spoiled? Yes. I asked these friends to live it up with me by taking ten dollars and creatively giving it away.

I have been captivated lately by the power of heart giving. Jesus said it is better to give than to receive, but why doesn’t it always feel that way? Heart giving happens when we give in response to the abundance we receive from God – and vitality swells in the soul as a result.

At different times in my life, I have given time, energy and finances because I have felt guilty, wanted to earn big brownie points with God, or to appear altruistic – however, at times – this giving has not touched my heart. Oh yes, it has looked mighty shiny and flashed a generosity badge to the world, but it has not renewed my Spirit as God intends. Heart giving happens when a person experiences the sufficiency of Christ, and abandons a mindset of lack. So how can one commit to give money, time or energy from the heart? By declaring belief. Often we see God’s goodness – to others, at other times, in other ways – but hidden within, we cling to the nagging lie that God is currently holding out on us, much like Eve felt in Eden. When we begin to declare loud and believe hard that God is good to us –right now – we are compelled to give to others in response to the sufficiency that spills right over – and right out. We have enough and we are enough in Him. This knowledge empowers us to give from a jam-packed heart – that brims freely and joyfully as a result.

May the stories of my friends’ creative giving inspire you to experience some heart brimming of your own this week.

“I actually used my ten dollars to buy lunch for a friend yesterday. We had some really great conversation about scripture, the church in general and what it looks like to actually be in relationship with Jesus.” – Cassie Vancamp

“I bought a $10 Starbucks gift card and wrote a little thank you note for the mailman at work. My plan is to leave it on the mailbox wrote he comes by tomorrow – just to say thanks for what he does and that he is appreciated!” – Cora Hamm

“I felt the Lord wanted me to bless my hairdresser with the 10$… So I shared the story and said here is 10 dollars and I know she loves cheesecake at calories so I said go enjoy a piece cheesecake tonight on my friend” – Rebekah Clearwater

“I’m going to give an anonymous thank you card to our building manager/caretaker with a $10 coffee gift card. He does so much for the residents here, he drives the old ladies in our building to appointments and to get groceries which isn’t part of his job. He’s great and deserves to be appreciated.” – Charlotte Babowski

“I will be dropping off flowers for a girl who is in a stressful season of planning a wedding, trying to make it Christ centred while experiencing family tension and challenges because they are not Christian. Just hoping that a bright bouquet with an encouraging card will help her know that God is with her in every season and will see her through, walking down the aisle and way beyond through to the great wedding feast in eternity.” – Alysha Radics

“I bought an adult coloring book at Walmart for the patients in the child and adolescent ward where I am doing clinical this week. When I was there yesterday I noticed they really didn’t have anything like that and there was a few sheets from Google printed off but nothing they could all do. So many of them are really artistic and love doing art during the day, so I thought this would be a good plan! So I brought it to the ward this morning and the girls were so pumped to color! We busted out the pencil crayons and all took a page out and spent a good part of the morning working on our pages. Just a little something to brighten their day!” – Carly Morris 

“I am planning on doing flowers for someone, and maybe a Starbucks or something as well. It seems it has been a rough week last week for her so a nice little something would be appreciated!” – Jane Landine

“I am going to send a little care package to a friend of mine in Minneapolis who is currently fighting breast cancer. Her trust in God through this has been so incredible and I want to encourage her in that and let her know that she even has crazy Canadians praying for her!” – Sarah Hundeby

“I’m going to purchase my boss flowers and some sweets. I was talking about her this weekend, and someone was like what makes you enjoy your boss so much? And then I listed off a bunch of reasons. So then today at work I was brainstorming, and it made so much sense to do this for her. She is so special, so kind, so encouraging, and so easy going. She always has little gifts for us and is always thinking of ways we can encourage each other at work. She is the greatest boss!” – Brooklynn Chovin

“Yesterday I was behind a girl at Tim Horton’s and her card declined, she was with her two kids getting drinks and some supper. So I used to the $10.00 to go towards paying her bill.”  – Kara Cupples

“I am also doing flowers for a friend who is feeling very lost, stressed and lonely. I’m going to give her flowers with a card and write her a personal message. I was trying to figure out what to do the last couple and yesterday she expressed all that has been going on in her life to me and how she feels exhausted and alone. I’m hoping this will cheer her up!” – Sierra Anamay


2 thoughts on “Heart Giving

  1. Jahnaya Cey says:

    So encouraging!!! Great reminder that we are meant to give out of heart that is experiencing Christ’s sufficiency – keep writing and encouraging gf!


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