Process People

How do you define success? Most people feel successful when they get results or are rewarded for their hard work. You made it! You did it! You got there! You earned that! Voila! Most people are product people. To do something is to be worth something, right? Wrong. This kind of thinking pokes holes in a heart and sucks out joy. 

For many years, I defined success as “A job well done”, and I felt most valuable when projects were finished and goals reached. The problem is, what happens to the process? It gets diminished and even resented.

We were made to grab hold of life’s processes with both hands, release the fear of failure, and bask in the steps that may or may not lead to a destination.  We spend most of life in process. Training. Watching. Writing. Cooking. Driving. Planting. Weeding. Reading. Fixing. Learning. Sure – there is great satisfaction when a person sees the fruit of their labour, but very soon we are enveloped in the next process, and the next. If we can’t learn to embrace and enjoy process, we will spend our lives chasing joy – always legging a few steps behind it. 

God says you are enough- today – in the midst of life’s messes – Just the way you are, exactly where you are. Your value as a person is received, never achieved. When you choose to believe this, you  become free to embrace the old cliche, “Enjoy the journey.”  Then, this cliche can jump off the wall plaque and into your heart, igniting sparks of joy. Success is not a finish line, and it’s not “tomorrow.” Success is staying committed to the processes God is calling you to today. True tenacity and grit is required in the process, before you see results, and should be celebrated!

This week I’ve noticed the joy of some particular process lovers. My new art-jiving friend Haley described vividly the hours she spends sculpting small figurines … Not to show, sell or to finish – simply because the process sends enthusiasm through her views. Brooklynn was radiant talking about the sunset she beheld on her parents farm – even though she had nothing to show for it. Anaya’s eyes were animated as she chose the colours to fill the lines scrawled in her colouring book. The act of colouring was the fun part! Jess spent invigorating days planning and remodelling her living room. This week, Haley, Anaya, Brooklynn and Jess chose to “Enjoy the journey.” For real. They chose to be process people.




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