Train Your Brain

Your life is composed of a series of choices. I believe the most important choices you make happen in your brain, before you make a single decision. How you choose to think will determine your experience this day, and your future. Every time you stand at a cross roads and make a choice, you are setting your face in a certain direction and the life-choices you make will be a bi-product of your thinking patterns.

You have already forged pathways in your brain that will dictate much of what you think and how you feel today. Essentially, you have developed “default settings.” Often, your thinking patterns go unnoticed and untended to because we live in a fast paced culture that disregards the importance of reflection. Production is profit and profit is principally important after all … right? Debatable. It’s empowering for a person to realize they can change how they think, but treading a new trail takes patience and practice, it doesn’t just appear. The good news is – if you continue to take continuous small brain steps, soon – a new default pathway appears. You may not be able to control your circumstance, but you do possess the power to change the way you think about them.

Several months ago, I had a compelling conversation with my friend Kevin, inspiring me to forge new lanes and corridors in my own brain. Kevin lives life from a wheelchair, and although happiness used to be more elusive, he is now the happiest person I know. He said his life changed the day he chose to think differently about his wheelchair. Instead of resenting his situation, Kevin chose to embrace and accept it, focusing on all that he can do, instead of what he cannot. He is also wildly committed to being thankful to God. Like Kevin, there are things in my life I would change if I could. However, after speaking to him that day, instead of allowing self-pitying brain lanes to exist and persist, I decided to get courageous like Kevin, and fiercely believe God means what he says in 2 Timothy 1:7. I do have the Power. The Sound Mind. The Courageous Spirit. The Good Judgment. The Authority. The Confidence. To choose to think in ways God asks me to. And so do you.

May we all have the audacity to train our brains like Kevin. To choose gratitude over grumbling, thriving over surviving, confidence over comparison, health over poor habits, kindness over cruelty and love over lifelessness.

May we stop waiting for life to change… and change our lives by choosing to tread the best brain paths.


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