Settle In Uncertainty

Uncertainty. Question marks and nagging queries. Unsolved problems and unfinished projects. Confusion, mix-ups and waves of guessing and estimation. This is no one’s favourite place to live. It can feel like peace cannot survive here -not until uncertainty dissipates and clarity comes.

A few days ago I ascended and soared until the lake fountains of Saskatoon looked like tiny drinking drops sprinkling down below. The clouds were gloriously puffy in my window and the sunshine brilliant. While this sounds beauteous (and it was!) the reality of turbulent winds were having a hay day with the position of the plane, and I simply wasn’t enjoying the ride. (I apologize whole-heartedly to the passengers stuck beside me who pretended to be zonked as I periodically jabbered to lessen my own feelings of anxiety. Of uncertainty). 

John Maxwell writes a person’s life is 10% about circumstances and 90% about attitude. I am thankful that it is my attitude I can control, instead of circumstances – as circumstances are just 10% of my life puzzle.

While the plane jumped and jolted, it dawned on me. I did not have to wait for the turbulence to stop in order to have peace. What if I chose to settle down in the uncertainty of the turbulence? (The turbulence was persisting after all, and wishing for it to stop didn’t seem to be helping me).

I admit that clarity feels good, and it will come as you move forward through uncertain times. However, you don’t have to wait for the uncertainty to end in order to have the peace of God. He offers it in all circumstances, and we all can choose to have an attitude of trust … Choose to believe fervently that He knows what He is doing, and He is separate from nothing that happens in our lives. Nothing.

Jeff Goins writes, “Action always brings clarity.” As you wade through uncertain times, you can have deep assurance that clarity will come, and that although you cannot see around the corners of life, God can. Trust-worthy God. Reliable God. Faithful God. Unchanging God. Infinite-Love-Incarnate-God. He has his hands on the wings of your life – directing your vessel through uncertain turbulence. It’s okay for you to settle in right where you are. Right in the middle of it. It’s okay to let go of control and choose to trust Him even before the rough ride calms down. He is peace. He is enough. So sit and settle on in with me today, choose to trust the Great Navigator and feel yourself be empowered to face and embrace uncertainty with supernatural peace.



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