Hope meets Helpless

Car accidents are terrifying. I will never forget the helpless feeling that flooded me as I glanced down at my ipod and felt the wheels of my red sunfire spin out of control.

Sometimes, life spins out of control. Last night – I watched hot tears burn the faces of friends going through difficulties during this Christmas season. A helpless feeling.

This week, I made so many “mistakes” I can’t count them- from teaching, to unnecessary comments, to time management, and thoughtless choices. This too – is a helpless feeling.

In God, hope meets helpless.

I remember my car flying and flipping and the thud against the telephone pole. I remember crawling out and bawling alone in the farmers summer fallow. I was so upset with myself for glancing at the Ipod, I just kept crying and repeating, God you are so good. You are so good. I’m sorry, God. I remember God impressing in my mind the words, “What if you couldn’t crawl out – would I still be good?”

God’s goodness doesn’t depend on your circumstances or your choices.

The thunder was ripping loud and I remember walking on the dirt road to get help – rain mixing with tears on my cheeks. When a van stopped and a cell phone was offered I dialed my dad. At his voice – my tears started again, I wasn’t sure if he would be angry at my irresponsibility… His voice was calming, slow, kind and love. He didn’t care about the car, or my ipod glance – He cared about me.

Even when you do make mistakes, and you will …

He is the best Dad. He is not distant, far off or burning with anger towards you when you take a misstep. Jesus paid for your every mistake so that each moment can be a new beginning with God. He doesn’t hold grudges. He is never trying to tease or trick you – He is far more fervent for you to enjoy abundant life with Him than you could ever be.

He is trust-worthy.

Whether it is tough stuff you are walking through or your own mistakes that may cause you to forget the kindness of God – be reminded: Truth doesn’t change depending on your feelings or perspective. Truth is Truth – and the cross says you are accepted, free and wildly loved – should you have the courage to receive it.

“The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and abounding in mercy and loving-kindness.” Psalm 145:8 (AMP)

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