2018 Praise Promise

The hospital room was quiet and dim. A man who spent his whole life farming, feeding, growing, leading, and singing sat in a small Saskatchewan hospital room with flowers and cards on the wall on New Years Eve. He knew me, my sweet uncle.

A few years earlier – we had sung together on Christmas Eve. We sang his favorite Christmas worship song boisterously, Go Tell It On The Mountain. My aunt Vera, who passed just over a year ago, had bobbed with marked enthusiasm as we harmonized.

This New Years Eve – his sparkless eyes met mine with weariness. I asked several questions, but he was having a hard time hearing and understanding me. It seemed unlikely to bring life this difficult hospital room.

I remembered The Christmas Gospel chant.

Mountain Measurer becomes Creative Carpenter. The love song. Grace.

I asked my uncle to sing. His eyes grew large and his voice bounced down the hospital walls and halls.

And we sang, Go Tell It on The Mountain.

And the Gospel lived loud in the silent hospital on New Years Eve.

And we joined the choirs in paradise where Vera lives now.

And God reminded me, I can count on His promise.

Whatever 2018 may bring you – supernatural joy is at your disposal and praise will lead you there.

Praise births passion. Passion drives a purpose-marked life.

Jesus himself gives joy-filled passion as we celebrate Gospel truth.

Our relationship with Him is restored. Acceptance, forgiveness and freedom.

He has a unique path marked for your 2018, and as you practice praising – you will unleash all you need for your 2018 God-breathed mission.

Let songs of gratitude and praise fill and spill from your days in 2018.

Whether you find yourself performing for massive crowds or tucked in a silent hospital room – the joy of Jesus will be yours in full as you go tell it on your mountain.

“…The joy of the Lord is your strength.” – Nehemiah 8:10

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