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This book is for teen and young adult girls wanting to live with an empowered identity in Christ!

Through these pages, let the transformative love of God revive your heart, experiences and your world as you journey through the STAND Secure devotional book. Kaitlyn combines story-telling, reflective journaling, gratitude and colorful expression to inspire you to know God’s love.



When you believe you are completely and unconditionally loved by God, you come alive inside. You feel inspired to invest your own creative thoughts, ideas and voice to the world. You recognize you have much to offer the people around you and you have much to gain by contributing your gifts to make your world a better place. STAND Secure is a chance for you to experience God’s love, discover your own voice, embrace your path and make the unique mark on earth you were created for.





Trade… Fear for creativity.
Comparison for contentment.
Gossip for celebration.
Regrets for resiliency.
Getting by for meaningful living.
Body discontentment for confidence.
Social media pressures for flourishing friendships.

“Kaitlyn has done the hard work of fighting insecurity and learning to stand securely in the love of God. This message of freedom is for all women. It’s time we let go of insecuirty, welcome grace, and discover we are already so very loved.” – Holley Gerth, Bestselling Author of You’re Already Amazing and Fiercehearted

“I love Kaitlyn’s authenticity as she weaves God’s truth throughout the story of her journey ‘shedding and shredding’ insecurity! What a great curriculum that today’s young women can journey through as Kaitlyn finds true value in what God says about her!” – Misty Ropp, Compassion Canada