Hey, welcome to the empowered blog. My name is Kaitlyn and I am on a journey to know deeper satisfaction in God. I’m learning to rest in God’s love that silences any voices saying there is not enough. God’s love empowers all of us with confidence to develop a mind-set of resilience, motivation, purpose and impact. We are wired to be satisfied in God and live from a place of worth, believing His promise, that the cross was enough.


10 Things I love:

  1. The unsteady first hockey game on an out door rink in those early winter days when the sun sets early.
  2. Saskatchewan springtime water running and rushing from ditches and parks, having rubber boots for the adventures!
  3. Picking sweet Saskatoon berries in the summer (Although my belly always seems to fill before my pail does! … I am working on this).
  4. Thrashing massive swaths of canola and chewing up rows of wheat with a big green machine while harvest dust sits calm in autumn air.
  5. Summer cycling and ice cubes.  In contrast to summer heat, fresh water satisfies in a unique way!
  6. Teaching high school – discovering creative ways to learn and teach and grow with students.
  7. Garage sales, creating, making treasures from trash.
  8. Stories of all kinds, with twists and turns that help me to place myself in the puzzles of life, and decide what character I want to be.
  9. Holding my niece close, and cherishing my family.
  10. Singing praise to Jesus to keep the rocks from crying – this renews like nothing else! You can check this fun here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXYEtVTneeY

Lastly, I love to keep lists of thanks all over the place (steering wheel, is this weird?) because this practice enhances and empowers me in more ways than I can count. I pray that as you navigate this blog space – you are inspired to reflect on the gifts in and around you too, and are empowered to influence in fabulous ways, as you were created to do.