STAND in your Christ empowered identity and live the life you are dying to live!

What inspires YOU?

As long as I can remember, I have loved Jesus. I am inspired by many things, but most supremely by the Simple Gospel that has been transforming people and nations for centuries.

My beautiful niece and I

A few years ago I began an adventure as Sisterhood Pastor in Saskatoon. Our Sisterhood Community is Gospel-centered meaning that we are secure in our identity as daughters of God, we know we are accepted, significant and secure in His love. The Gospel is always at work, transforming our hearts so we can live inspired by Jesus. We love to say we STAND Secure. Together. Authentic. Named and Diverse because of Gospel grace. Sisterhoodyxe Gathers, Empower and Mobilizes girls and women to spread Gospel Hope in our homes, community and world. Read more about us here!

The Sisterhood community is passionate to see the next generation experience Gospel Hope too. Like you, youth across Canada want to experience life-changing Gospel inspiration. Last year, I founded Inspire YXE, a network of inspirational forces aiming to help youth overcome struggles so they can rise up and be influencers in their world. Our first Youth Conference was a catalyst for the Gospel inspiration to spread! Read more about our network here!

You likely know someone, or have experienced the sting of insecurity that can produce jealousy, comparison, and even anxiety and depression. I recently finished a book called STAND Secure. I have felt this way! Our amazing Inspire Girl team is continuing to offer presentations and workshops to countless classrooms and girls groups! We are excited to launch our new course this fall, STAND Secure, happening live in Saskatoon and online through girl365.org. Check out the devotional book I wrote to accompany this course here!

SIST_InspireSUBS LogoS_2018-02

Hopefully, this is a place you can find motivation and inspiration to apply Gospel power to your life!

I know life can feel like a frenzy. However, YOU will discover more ways to experience life changing inspiration as you stay focused on the Gospel! Let’s keep walking together, there is always space for you here!

Grateful for you,



Adventure in Israel

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